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"Code is our lifeblood. Team Alluvamz brings your imagination to life."

Our Services

We are a passionate team of certified software and electronics engineers who are providing the following services in Malawi and beyond;

Alluvamz systems developers
Systems Development

We design and develop web based applications, android applications, windows & IOS apps, and embedded systems for automations and home appliances.

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Alluvamz IoT manufacturing
Iot Devices

Started with Automated Electric Gates that are controlled remotely using a remote, phones, and the internet. We are now prototyping other IoT devices to be launched soon.

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Alluvamz Expert support IT solutions
Expert Support

We provide IT Consultancy services, Cloud computing services, IT systems maintenance and Installations, Database management and development, and Digital Marketing services.

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About Us

Alluvamz is a Certified Information Technology company, officially registered with the Malawi Business Registry in accordance with the provisions of the Business Registration Act (No. 12 of 2012).

Projects done by Alluvamz

We Are Team Alluvamz

Our Vision is to be at the forefront of technological advances, pioneering innovative solutions that empower your online presence and drive progress by connecting the dots in the digital universe.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between innovation and expertise, providing Information Technology solutions that empower businesses, individuals, and organizations to achieve digital transformation and success in an ever-evolving digital landscape..

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Why Choose Us

Alluvamz is commited to deliver high-quality results
Commitment to Quality

Alluvamz is dedicated to delivering top-notch quality products and services that provide real value to our clients. We employ certified engineers and developers who adhere to best practices and standards. We do not compromise on quality in our quest to provide accessible and empowering solutions.

We understand local needs to offer valuable services accordingly
Local Expertise and Understanding

As a Malawi-based company, Alluvamz has an intimate understanding of the local context, needs, and challenges. Our solutions are tailored specifically for the Malawian market rather than simply importing foreign solutions. We speak the language and understand the culture.

We offer long-term support to our clients once they get our services
Ongoing Support

We do not just deliver a product or service and then disappear. Alluvamz provides ongoing top-notch technical support and maintenance well after project completion. Our commitment to clients extends over the lifetime of solutions we provide. We become long-term trusted technology partners focused on ensuring maximum uptime, performance, and value.

Security is a priority at Alluvamz. We secure systems from fraudsters
End-to-End Security

Alluvamz takes cybersecurity and data privacy extremely seriously. We employ industry best practices in secure software development, encryption, access controls and data governance across all our solutions and services. Your data, devices and systems are safe with us. We provide end-to-end security covering infrastructure, applications, and processes so you can rest assured your digital assets are fully protected working with Alluvamz. Our cybersecurity protocols and systems are designed to evolve as threats do.

Our Portfolio

Alluvamz has successfully collaborated with numerous SME's to establish their online presence & automate their workflow. In 2023, We mostly helped our clients with Google Ads Campaigns and strategies involving websites, Google Maps, online directories, and social media campaigns to boost their brand and products visibility.

Alluvial Jamz website developed by Alluvamz

Alluvial Jamz

Developed using Laravel, Alluvial Jamz is a music distribution web application that is used for streaming, downloading and sharing music in Malawi. The Sole purpose of the website is to help in exposing upcoming artists to the world by offering them one of the best performing music distribution sites at a very affordable price compared to the other sites. The complexity of the Alluvial Jamz website code and the popularity of the site makes us proud of our work.

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Who's Up A Model (WU4AM)

WU4AM is a platform focused on having open and meaningful conversations about important social issues in order to drive positive change. Through a podcast and articles, it shares perspectives and information on topics like climate change, mental health, racial justice, gender equality, culture, and community building. The goal of WU4AM is to educate people on these critical topics, raise awareness, empower action, and ultimately motivate change at local, national and global levels by giving a microphone to influential voices from around the world. was developed using WP CMS.

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WU4AM website developed by Alluvamz

Business Africans website developed by Alluvamz

Business Africans

Business Africans is a platform highlighting and celebrating Africa's vibrant business landscape to shift outdated narratives. Through podcasts, articles and stories, they showcase innovation and progress by African entrepreneurs to inspire future business leaders. By amplifying voices of pioneers driving growth across the continent, they aim to transform global perceptions and recognize Africa's economic potential and prowess. Ultimately, Business Africans strives to move beyond stereotypes into a new era where African enterprise is leveraged globally.

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Our Team

Prince Bush Moffat - Founder and CEO at Alluvamz
Prince Bush Moffat

Systems Analyst - Team lead

Enoch Njovuyalema - Software developer at Alluvamz
Enoch Njovuyalema

Software Engineer

Yankho Mandala - Public relations and web developer at Alluvamz
Yankho Mandala

PR - Software Developer

Benjamin Mbaise - Quality assurance at Alluvamz
Benjamin Mbaisa

QA - Designer

What makes our team unique

Our team is completely made up Computing and Information Systems and Electronics Engineering graduates which makes us a full house IT team with endless capabilities in technology. If you have a Technology related project, Alluvamz is your go-to-place.

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Alluvamz has successfully collaborated with numerous SME's to establish their online presence & automate their workflow. We helped or clients to establish their online presence through strategies involving websites, Google Maps, online directories, and social media campaigns.

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